MY 3 FALL DINNER OBSESSIONS | healthy vegan meals

these are 3 of my favourites to cook for dinner in the fall time. all cheap, all mushy, all easy to make, all warming, all healthy, and of course super yum !
one soup, one stew, one porridge. i choose one to cook for a whole week’s worth of dinners, and the next week i choose another one. cook, eat, repeat.

all recipes :

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so i realise that i have has all of a sudden gone all autumn crazy.
but to be honest, that’s just because i myself have gone completely mad for everything autumny. it’s just the best, i feel like the fall atmosphere goes so well with my personality.

so why not talk about fall food ?
it’s too good, all that warming comfort food. and if you’ve seen any of my what i eat in a week videos, you already know that i love preparing food for the whole week in one go.

hope you like it !

love // jenny



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50 Responses

  1. D206116379 says:

    Love ur makeup ???

  2. Samira Rizza says:

    I'm not vegan (recently became pescatarian) but I love your recipes, I hope I can give them all a try because they look so good. I might even be able to get my meat loving boyfriend to eat them.

  3. Tanya Torres says:

    Perfect food for autumn!! I love asopon de gandules. A vegetarian version would be awesome! ?

  4. I enjoyed the Sunday Breakfasts.. I don't want to listen to you eating, I want to see the food, hang out with you guys face to face. I can't fathom why you think this isn't an appropriate venue. It's perfect.

  5. I love fall land I love vegan recipes. I uploaded a video on my channel today for a healthy vegan and gluten free option caramel apple. Check it out if you are interested. I have go too try these. New Subscriber from New Mexico! Love how unique your makeup is!

  6. new video super! big like…

  7. Beautiful make up Jenny

  8. Ugh I LOVE these! And the footage is amazing!! (:

  9. Such a calming video!!! I've got to try these!!

  10. thumbs up for anime !!! (and vegan food of course)

  11. Loved this!! Can't wait to make all 3. I crave the same type of food in the colder weather. My current obsession is mung bean and rice stew. Yum.

  12. Lacey Has says:

    Hi Jenny! I'd love to have the videos back! <3 podcasts are cute but I think the videos were what really made us feel part of the mustards! Could we make a deal for a Sunday morning every two weeks? Your content is always amazing and I love the two of you to bits but I recently got the feeling that you're struggling a bit to keep up with all the content etcetera (I can completely understand) so we don't want to put even more pressure on you…but I miss the relaxed mood of the channel a bit 🙂 and Sunday mornings were part of it…

  13. tvsma says:

    Everything looks delicious!

  14. Audrey Hee says:

    I freaking love these easy dishes.

  15. It wasn't so long ago that you did those breakfast sunday videos and they were awesome.. I wish you'd consider bringing them back :)

  16. Love your videos <3 would love to watch the recipes be made though :D

  17. I really miss sunday breakfast videos and don't understand why this should be the wrong platform. 😉 Please bring them back, they were my weekly highlight! <3 I really prefer videos to podcasts.

  18. I think our tastebuds are quite similar. when I have a sweet tooth but want to eat my veggies and tatoes, I put some sweet potato and eggplant in the oven and when it's almost done, I put some sliced plantane on it. When it's all soft and warm, I top it of with some cinnamon and hit the couch with it.

  19. I'd love a podcast with you and David:p – loved the one you linked us to. x

  20. Hi! I love food videos as I just moved out of my parents house and try to seek for a nice balanced diet 🙂 can you make a video about your cook book? I'm super interested in the kind of recipes and layout etc! (And internet don't give me a good overall view of the book…) thanks in advance!

  21. gay olaer says:

    I love u Jenny…you're an inspiration…

  22. Autumn is my favourite season! And food this autumny!! Oh my love you Jenney!

  23. I really enjoy your podcasts and I've really missed the Sunday breakfasts! Making a breakfast podcast to me, seems like a fail proof plan. Is there a way to subscribe to the podcasts to get reminders that they're up? I always forget, so I think it would be a great addition if there was! :D

  24. patty 8873 says:

    I personally love podcasts. I listen to them while I'm getting ready in the morning or in the car. I'm always looking for new ones to listen to.

  25. patty 8873 says:

    Favorite fall recipe? Butternut squash and apple soup.

  26. 1Zebrastian says:

    i absolutely adore your videos! beautyful, clear and delicious <3 greeting from frankfurt

  27. beautiful dishes, as always!! I'd love to try them out sometime. My personal favorite cold weather food is pumpkin soup!

  28. Purely Angi says:

    I DO miss the Sunday vids! Podcast – yeah, thats ok but I prefer vids. I like to see you guys.

  29. I respect your hard work on the podcasts but relate far more to the Sunday Breakfast videos! I'm a very visual person and those speak to me more.

  30. I use my slow cooker non stop in autumn and winter. Just add a few more ingredients every day to make it a little different (whatever I harvest in the garden) and it's always there ready to eat. The great thing is, there's always enough food there if you get an unexpected guest for dinner ?

  31. JJ Mina says:

    much better with the natural hair! <3

  32. Im so with you on the whole anime stuff and well yeah i do alot of soups today i made a simple carrot and butternut squash soup cause i haven't been feeling well also trying to finish up my cosplay for comic con

  33. Your makeup is so lovely!! Thanks for making this video!!

  34. Luna says:

    You are such an inspiration when it comes to healthy eating habits. You make it seem so easy and satisfying! I love those types of videos :)

  35. Jenna Krotke says:

    Yum!! I want to try all these…

    I've been making miso soup with a base of miso, Sriracha, peanut butter, olive oil, and lime juice. Then sauteed garlic/ginger/red chili flakes, an onion, carrots, swiss chard (stems and leaves), added some tofu, and topped with green onions, cilantro, and sesame seeds. I've also been making curried "congee" because I have some brown rice, red and green lentils, and quinoa all mixed together that I want to use up. I cooked that and added green onions, raisins, bell pepper, spinach, tomato, and lemon juice.

  36. I just love how visually stunning your dishes are! (And all of your videos, truly.) They look quite delicious as well.

  37. I didn't realize y'all had a podcast! Subscribed immediately :)

  38. The stew looks so good! I'm up for anything that's spicy. ?

  39. Holly Dixon says:

    Hello from New Zealand ! I really miss the Sunday breakfast videos!! It had become a part of my Sunday evening (NZ time!) routine, to jump into my jarmies, snuggle in bed, and watch the latest Sunday breakfast video. I used to really look forward to it as it was such a nice way to wind down from the weekend. Sunday nights just aren't the same now! So I hope to see the breakfast videos make a return ;)

  40. luhsea says:

    Autumn is my fave season and the food is one of the best parts! So I'm super stoked about this video haha

  41. I missed You and youre food! I love eating soups in autumn, hot soups for rainy days!!

  42. MatStarv says:

    Really loved the aesthetic of the Sunday Breakfasts, so I'd certainly miss that in a podcast! The topics themselves almost came as secondary to the enjoyment of just watching/listening to the two of you interacting, and being without any plan or script. All that being said, I have often used this series as a playlist while I tend to other things like cleaning or packing, so I kind of already "listen" to them and would love for a podcast version over no version at all. It'd be cute if you still did it over a meal or tea where comments regarding your breakfasting are intermittent in the topics 😛 Adds something super cute and human to the whole thing <3

  43. i moore says:

    I had no idea there was a movie podcast. I'm so here for this, omg yes.

  44. niahknows says:

    i'd have to say that my fall favorites are taco soup, hearty "smashed" potatoes, and big batches of coconut curry ! all very easy to make, and they last all week long

  45. Hey Jenny! I've really been enjoying your channel and all your different tips and tricks as well as learning about minimalism. Another thing I love is your eyeshadows! You pick out such lovely and interesting pigments and I love the way you apply them. I would love to see a video on your collection/shopping for eyeshadows/how you do your makeup:) Cheers

  46. Hi, Jen! Do you want to share your opinion on French diet? Do you like this approach to food?

  47. I think podcasts can be great in some instances… I have been getting into them quite a bit lately. I love Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy she is so animated, and I also enjoy Anxious Machine as he has a wonderful story telling style. I am a LOVER of movies and film so I thought you had a great idea but based on what I heard your podcast is not something I would listen to… (just being honest). If you are serious about making it successful listen to other popular podcasts to get some ideas and inspiration there. Tip: an intro tune is always nice and being really animated with your voice is super important otherwise people will be bored and won't be able to picture what you are talking about. That being said this is just my personal preference and some people might really love your style, so no hard feelings. Good luck!

  48. I used Pumpkin instead of Butternut Squash in the Butternut Squash Stew. I also threw it all in a crockpot because I had things to do. It tasted really great, Jenny and David. VB plus food for 3 days for Lakeem & I.

  49. Long time subscriber, first time commenter. I want to be you when I grow up (ha ha, I'm 55 🙂 ). I went over and checked out your podcasts and I for one LOVE them! I'm addicted! After a long day at work I plug in my headphones, kick back and feel like I'm just hanging out with you and David. It's so much fun, so relaxing so yes! I would love for you to do another podcast as well!

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